Updates and catching up

So this blog has been languishing for far too long, reaching for its smelling salts and swooning at the touch of fresh air. Hopefully this will be just the pick-me-up it needs to start pulling its socks up and being a decent member of society.

So what’s been happening since the last update?

* The launch of the Siren Press Fugue II anthology is on 24th July, and I’m lucky enough to have a story in there. Siren Press is an independent press based in the UK, and the first edition of their Fugue anthology series was a huge success. The launch is in Enitharmon Editions in London (at http://www.enitharmon.co.uk/) and you can get tickets for free at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/book-launch-fugue-vol-ii-tickets-17330114840. Here’s the publicity poster – doesn’t it look good?


* I’ve been fortunate enough to win the 2015 Asian Writer Short Story Competition. This story was a particular favourite of mine, and it’s been revamped a number of times before I felt it was right. Have a look at http://theasianwriter.co.uk/competition/ for next year’s competition; it’s a good one to win!

* I also won the 2015 Winchester Writers Festival short story competition. Very pleased with this one, although I couldn’t make it to the festival. It’s definitely worth going to if you can make it, though, and they had the brilliant Sebastian Faulks as a guest speaker this year. You can find more information at http://writersfestival.co.uk/

* Shortlists have also included the Rubery Book Award short story prize, the Fiction Desk Newcomer prize and the WriteIdea prize. Here’s a photo from the WriteIdea prizegiving ceremony. The fabulous Melanie Whipman is on the left of the picture, then me, and the amazingly talented row of Tracy Fells, Farrah Yusuf and Rowena Macdonald. Alex Wheatle was the dedicated and tireless judge.



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