Bare Fiction competition win

Last month I was thrilled to hear that I’d won the Bare Fiction short story prize. For those who don’t know, Bare Fiction is a wonderful literary magazine that’s been going a few years. The pieces in it are very, very well-written and I’ve discovered many fantastic new authors by reading this. It’s also quite high-profile, attracting some very well-known names both as contributors and judges for the competition. This year the short story entries were judged by Courttia Newland, which gives you a sense of how thrilled I was to hear I’d won!

The prize-giving was held in Birmingham, so I promptly hopped on a train for what was to be my first real visit to the city. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I didn’t get loads of time to look around, but am hoping to head back for a mini-break soon.

Waterstones hosted the evening, which was super well-attended. We had people coming from great distances, most notably Ireland! (Ireland seems to produce some fantastic poets, incidentally). Here’s a few sample pictures from the night:


Me and Xanthi Barker, who read from her amazing 2nd prize story.


C-cvvpMXcAEA6S6Robert Harper, who is the brains and the energy behind Bare Fiction. Fantastic to meet at last!

18193200_1526140994087499_288129455002691828_oWe’re listening to one of the poets here… look at all those spellbound faces.


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