I’m originally from Australia but now split my time between London and Cambridge. I’m a mathematician – which is more interesting than you might think – but write short stories in my spare time. You can find some of these in my blog posts, or in the (inevitably out-of-date!) list below.

I’m a member of The Whole Kahani writing group, which is a collective of British South Asian writers. Many of my stories are centred around the north of England (Northumberland and Teeside) or Pahang, as I have close family ties with both. If you recognise any of the locations, drop me a line!


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  • C. G. Menon. “Twelve, With A Bowl Cut”, in Carried In Waves UCC 9.3 FM.
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  • C. G. Menon. “Clay For Bones”, The Short Story Prize, http://www.theshortstory.net/, 2015.
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